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CentrePoint Mobile User Manual

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:02PM CST

This is the Welcome Screen.


It provides navigation to enter a PIN and provide assistance.

    • Tap the Enter PIN button to attach a Study Admin subject with a mobile phone and retrieve new credentials
    • Tapping Need Assistance takes you to the mobile FAQ thread
    • Tapping Learn more about Study Admin Sync takes you to the FAQ you are currently viewing

This is the PIN screen


This screen allows you to enter a new PIN to attach a Study Admin subject to your mobile phone. Enter your PIN using the built-in keyboard. You can find out how to get a PIN by referring to this document 

    • Upon tapping the 5th digit, the app will automatically verify your PIN and return the status. if the PIN succeeds,  you are redirected to the sync screen
    • If a successful PIN is entered, you are registered for push notifications
      • The push notifications remind you to make uploads as well as provide status information. Learn more about the types of push notifications you may receive here
    • Tapping Don’t have a PIN? takes you to the PIN FAQ that explains the purpose of the PIN and how to get one
    • Tap Cancel if you wish to not enter a PIN at this time 

This is the Sync screen.


This screen holds all subject information such as Study name, Organization name, Organization picture, and subject ID as well as activity monitor information which includes the battery life, the Device Serial Number, and Device Type. 

  • Tap Refresh to immediately update any information on this screen. The information will automatically update each minute. After 15 minutes of activity on this screen specifically, the app automatically disconnects from the device to save battery life. A prompt is shown for the user to click to reconnect



 The Sync screen has a Messaging system that appears on the top of the screen to do the following:

      • State progress for gathering data about subject and device.
      • State errors with phone/internet/bluetooth/study admin service.
      • Any error will prevent uploading. 

You can tap on a blue message to dismiss it.

Tapping on a red error message refreshes the Sync Screen.


The Sync Screen also provides status of the device that lets you know if your device is ready to upload its data in the form of a green checkmark or red X. 

When you are ready to make an Upload into the Study Admin System tap the Upload button pictured below.


If there was a problem with the activity monitor, please refer to the error provided on the screen and follow the instructions.


This is the Upload Screen.


It provides the progress of your upload. The process includes verifying your credentials, downloading data from the activity monitor, and uploading the data to Study Admin. The data uploads are sent in daily chunks or less. 

Helpful Hint: Be sure to upload each day to minimize the time it takes to upload.

Successful upload​

Error Screen shown if error

This is the Setting Screen.


To access this screen, slide your finger from the left of your phone’s screen to the right until the menu cannot move any farther then tap Settings. This screen provides access to our support sites, privacy policy, terms of service, as well as three main features to report problems, log out of a subject, and determine if the phone is ready for push notifications.

Report a problem

  • Provide optional contact information and information about any problems that you are having. Once the problem is reported, our development team can work to resolve the issue.


Log out

  • Logging out removes all credentials stored for a particular subject on the phone. You will have to re-enter a PIN to obtain subject information.
  • Furthermore, logging out will disable push notifications from being sent to your phone until you receive new credentials.


Push notifications

  • If your phone is not set up to receive push notifications, the row will state “Tap to Retry” in red text. Tapping this row will begin the registration process. If the retry is successful, a green checkmark will appear
  • If your phone is set up correctly, a green checkmark will be shown.
  • if you would like to manually disable push notifications
    • Android
      • Navigate to Settings, Find your application manager, find Study Admin Sync, and disable notifications
    • iOS
      • Navigate to Settings, Tap Notifications, find Study Admin Sync, disable “Allow Notifications”
  • Learn more about push notifications here


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