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Installing/Reinstalling ActiLife 5.x/6.x

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016 02:09PM CST

In order to install ActiLife properly, you must have administrative rights on the computer on which you wish to install ActiLife and due to a recent Microsoft update, you may have to allow the installer to have full permissions to install all required components. First, please make sure you have downloaded the latest installation executable for ActiLife 5.x/6.x. You can get these from the following location:

ActiLife 5.x -

ActiLife 6.x -

Please note: ActiLife MUST be installed locally. Roaming Profiles or Profile Folder redirection are NOT supported.

Also Note: ActiGraph is no longer able to offer support for ActiLife software prior to version 6.0, released in February 2012. This policy, effective December 31, 2012, was implemented to allow our technical and development teams to focus exclusively on supporting the new and improved ActiLife 6 platform. Those customers operating ActiLife versions 4 and 5 will be able to continue to use their software, however ActiGraph no longer provides assisted support, program updates, new bug fixes, automatic device firmware updates and online technical content updates. In order to reduce the risk of potential device and/or data issues related to outdated software, we strongly  encourage our customers to upgrade to ActiLife 6. You can upgrade by visiting our online store (click here) or by contacting our Sales Department by emailing them at or calling 877-497-6996, and choosing Option 1.

You will need to download and save this file to your computer. Once it is downloaded, right-click on the file and choose "Properties". On the General tab, near the bottom of the window, you may see a heading that says "Security" with a button next to it that says "Unblock". It should look similar to this screenshot:




Click on the Unblock button and then click Apply and then Ok. If you do not see this button, the security update in question has not been installed and you may proceed with the next step of the installation.

Now right click on the file one more time and choose "Run as..." (for Windows XP) or "Run as Administrator" (for Windows 7/Vista). If prompted for a user account, choose Current User and Uncheck the box below that that says "Protect my computer...". Then click Ok again. This will allow the installer to properly install of the necessary components for ActiLife to work. If you do not perform these steps, it may appear that ActiLife has successfully installed but critical components will have failed to be installed.

If you see a prompt like the one below, asking to install drivers, tick the box that says "Always trust software from ActiGraph" and click the Install button.


After the installer has completed, uncheck the box that says "Run ActiLife" and click Finish. Restart your computer to ensure that any required services start correctly. Once Windows has booted back up to the Desktop, you should be able to open and use ActiLife. If this is a new installation of ActiLife, you will be prompted to enter your Product Key.



After you have correctly entered your Product Key and clicked on Activate, you will be prompted to enter your Name, Email, Organization, and Phone Number to complete the registration process when you open it for the first time. All of these fields are required.


Once entered, click on Finish Activation to complete the installation process. ActiLife should then open and you will able able to use your software.

If you do not have your Product Key or if you need any further assistance, please visit our support portal at From there, you can view many helpful FAQ's and Troubleshooting Articles; log in to check any existing Support Requests; or create a new Support Ticket if you are unable to find a solution. You can also email us at or give us a call at (877) 497-6996, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST.

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