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Raw and Summary Data Explained

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2018 12:58PM CDT
We often get questions about how data is collected, and the types of data that are used in our software platforms to generate outputs. Below is a brief overview:


Raw Data

Raw data is collected by an ActiGraph device after it has been assigned to a subject. In its default setting, the 3-axis accelerometer within the device measures accelerations for each axis (X, Y, Z) in G's, and records this data to the device memory at a sample rate of 30Hz. Raw data is stored on the device until it is uploaded to CentrePoint or downloaded with ActiLife. By nature, raw data takes up a relatively large amount of memory, therefore our software systems convert it into summary data for processing. 

***Important: Raw data files should typically only be opened and viewed with the ActiLife software, however the raw data can also be extracted by referencing our public document format documentation in Github. Please note that raw acceleration values extracted independently from ActiLife will not yield the same results as through ActiLife due to raw filters implemented to mitigate 'noise'.

Summary Data

Summary or 'epoch' data is essentially raw data that has been filtered in order to run it through algorithms to produce outputs. The raw data is summed into chunks of data called 'epochs' and the G values are converted to activity counts, which are then used to generate data figures. Summary data is used to generate the results shown in ActiLifeCentrePoint, and the CentrePoint Mobile App.


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