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How is Inclination Determined (for Thigh Wear Location)?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:40PM CST
A thigh-worn inclinometer algorithm was developed within ActiLife to help more accurately determine sitting vs. standing positions in subjects. The proper placement for the device is the front-middle (anterior) of the thigh, with the USB cap facing upwards when standing (aligning the Y-axis of the device vertically). Please note that thigh-worn inclinometer results can only be calculated using data from GT3X+ devices or greater.

Below is a flowchart showing how the algorithm looks at data when generating results:

The first thing we look at is activity; anything equal to or greater than 75 Vector Magnitude counts indicates stepping. More information on Vector Magnitude can be found here:

If the VM counts are under 75, we then look at the G value the Z axis. If this value is less than 0.55Gs (roughly 33°), we declare the wearer as sitting or lying. If the G value is equal to or greater than 0.55Gs, we then check the X axis activity. If its value is greater than 0.4 Gs (roughly 24°), then the wearer is standing (but if equal or less than, we again indicate sitting/lying).

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