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CentrePoint Account Sessions, Locking and Password Handling

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2018 10:05AM CDT

In this article we will show examples of how CentrePoint will function with the following topics:

  • Automatic Session Expiry

  • Automatic Account Locking

  • Automatic Password Expiration

1. Automatic Session Expiry

The system will automatically logout CentrePoint users after a period of inactivity. Prior to the session expiry a warning similar to this will appear:

Users should click the "Continue working" button to maintain their session. If they fail to respond to this prompt in a timely manner, or click on the “Logout” button, their session will expire and they will be redirected to the login page.


2. Automatic Account Locking

In an attempt to prevent unauthorized access, the system will temporarily lock a user account after detecting a series of failed login attempts. During a lock, all attempts to login or change the account’s password will be disabled.  

After three failed login attempts, a warning will appear telling the user that he has a limited amount of attempts left before their account is locked.

After six consecutive failed login attempts, the user's account will be temporarily locked.


After the timeout period has elapsed, the user will be able to log in or change their password.

NOTE: If the user continues to perform failed login attempts each consecutive lockout period will grow exponentially as an attempt to mitigate automated account hacks.


3. Automatic Password Expiration

The system will automatically expire user passwords after 42 days. Once a password has expired the user will be prompted change his or her password when they log in.

NOTE: The system will prevent users from setting their new password with the same value as their current password.

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