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Performing Calibration File Generation Routine for 16CPAN03

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:41PM CST


Earlier this year ActiGraph informed its customers of an issue that was found in wGT3X-BT and wActisleep-BT firmware, and a corrective and preventative plan was generated, 16CPAN03.  To review, this only affects units that had been manufactured with 1.0.0 firmware on them and then upgraded to firmware versions 1.4.0, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.6.0 or 1.7.0.  

A tool was released to allow customers to scan files and identify any files that were likely affected by this issue. ActiGraph informed customers affected by this issue that there would be a second tool released to fix customers files that had been identified as being affected. ActiGraph has identified 2 methods to fix customer file.  

  • The first method is an automatic method of scanning the affected file for to look for different device orientations. To find these different device orientations the tool looks for periods of inactivity and records that orientation. If the tool cannot find enough device orientations then the tool cannot fix the file with this method. In this case the second method will need to be used to fix the file(s) that cannot be fixed by this method.
  • The second method uses a "calibration" file that is generated by the actual device. The tool uses this device "calibration" file to generate the new corrected calibration values, and then applies them to the file(s) that the device was used to collect data.

How to create the calibration file

This article explains the process to generate a calibration file for a particular device.  This file will then be used to correct other files that took data with the affected device.  The file generated will need to be stored in a separate Calibration File Directory that will be used by the 16CPAN03 File Scaler application.

To generate this calibration file the affected device will need to have firmware version 1.4.0, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.6.0 or 1.7.0 running on the device.  If the unit has already been upgraded to firmware version 1.8.0 then the firmware will have to be downgraded to 1.7.0 (How do I downgrade firmware?).  Also automatic firmware updates on initialization will need to be turned off in ActiLife (How do I disable automatic updates?).  

Steps to Generate Calibration file:

  1. Verify auto firmware updates are turned off.
  2. Create a Calibration File Directory where data can be downloaded once calibration process in complete.
  3. Plug Unit into USB and open ActiLife.
  4. Verify Firmware version is one listed above and NOT 1.8.0.
  5. Initialize the device using the following parameters:
    • 30Hz Sample rate
    • Idle sleep mode disabled
    • Wireless disabled
  6. Verify firmware version has not been updated to 1.8.0.
  7. Unplug device from USB and wait till start time has passed, and then follow the device orientation procedure below.
  8. Once the device orientation procedure has been completed plug the device into ActiLife and download the data to the directory created in step 2 (Note the directory location for use in the 16CPAN03 File Scaler application).
    • Only the GT3X file is needed.  No AGD or CSV files need to be generated.
  9. Once all desired devices have been run through this process they can be used in the 16CPAN03 File Scaler to fix the files associated with each device.

Device orientation Procedure:

After the start time for the device has been reached the device needs to placed in each of the the indicated orientations below for at least 15 seconds.  

Position 1 - Lay Device Flat


Position 2 - Position Device with USB Connector Towards Ceiling


Position 3 - Position Device with USB Connector Facing Right


Position 4 - Position Device with USB Connector Towards Ground


Position 5 - Position Device with USB Connector Facing Left


Position 6 - Lay Device Flat Upside Down.



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