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How do I add a subject?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:43PM CST


"Subjects" are the end-users (the study participants).  Subjects are typically assigned an ActiGraph monitor during a screening visit.  A typical screening visit for a study may include other activities such as blood pressure measurements, specimen gathering, weight and height measurements, scans, etc. Subjects typically wear an ActiGraph monitor for a pre-defined amount of time as defined by the study protocol.   The process of "adding a subject" includes"

  1. Creating a new subject entry (or selecting an existing one) in CentrePoint for that subject
  2. Assigning a device to that subject.

Who can add subjects?

Site coordinators typically add subjects.  When doing so, subjects are automatically categorized as belonging to that Site Coordinator's site.  Study coordinators can also add subjects  to CentrePoint, but will be required to choose which site that subject should be associated with.  There can be multiple site coordinators for each site.

What software is required?

ActiSync must be installed on the computer from which the subject is to be added.  The lastest version of ActiSync can be downloaded here.  There is no license required.

Do I need anything else?

Yes, users must a login (username and password) and have at least site coordinator permissions in order to add a subject.  Contact your study coordinator if you do not have a login.  

How do I assign an ActiGraph monitor to a subject once I have a log in and ActiSync?

To assign a device to a subject (add a subject), connect a fully charged ActiGraph to the PC on which ActiSync is running.  ActiSync will appear in the system menu near the clock if it is installed as shown below.


Once the device is detected, ActiSync will launch and give the user the option to assign the device to the subject.  


Assigning to a New Subject

Clicking the "Assign the subject now" button will launch the default web browser and will prompt for a login.  Use the site coordinator (or study coordinator) login to load the device assignment page shown below.


The fields shown in the device assignment screen above will be custom for all studies based on the requirements of the protocol.  In addition, the SubjectID field contains form-field validation to help ensure that there are no errors when entering the SubjectID.  Once these fields are completed, click "Assign Device to a New Subject."  This will create a new user in CentrePoint for this study and will instruct ActiSync to send initialization information to the device connected to the PC.  In the following screenshot, note the process indication on the CentrePoint web portal and the corresponding progress indication on the ActiSync application:


Once the "Assignment Complete" message is visible (below), the device is successfully assigned and ready for deployment.  Disconnect the device and place it on the subject as instructed.


Assigning to an Existing Subject

To assign to a device to a subject that already exist in CentrePoint, choose the "Assign to an Existing Subject" option at the bottom of the Device Assignment page as shown below


Doing so will bring up a list of existing subjects for all studies (see below).  Choose the subject and click  "Assign to Subject".  The device will immediately be assigned to the subject as described above in "Assigning to a New Subject"


If you need any further assistance, please visit our support portal at From there, you can view many helpful FAQ's and Troubleshooting Articles, log in to check any existing Support Requests, or create a new Support Ticket if you are unable to find a solution. You can also email us at or give us a call at (877) 497-6996, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST.

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