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Time-interval display changes (ActiLife 6.9.0 and newer)

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:54PM CST

ActiLife 6.9 and later handle time ranges slightly different than previous versions.  Prior to 6.9, time ranges were inclusive, meaning that the end of a minute-long time range included the referenced minute (e.g., 10:00 - 10:02 actually referred to the data between 10:00:00 and 10:02:59 and actually represented a 3 minute span).  Unfortunately, this is error prone due and causes some confusion when displaying outputs


The new method (6.9 and newer) declares an inclusive start time and and exclusive end time for all time span ranges.  The table below summarizes the change:


Time Range

Old ActiLife Duration (pre 6.9)

New ActiLife Duration (6.9+)

10:00 - 10:00

1 minute

0 minutes

10:00 - 10:01

2 minutes

1 minute

10:00 - 11:00

61 minutes

60 minutes

The inclusive/exclusive pattern is used by many other time systems such as NodaTime/JodaTime, TimePeriod, etc.

What does this affect?

Almost no outputs in ActiLife are impacted.  Only outputs driven by global date/time filters and log diary filters may be impacted, and even then only slightly.  The main change will come in how we display and consume time spans in the WTV and Data Scoring tools.  Examples below...

 Example 1: For the "Bout End" time below (calculated using the "Bouts" tool in Data Scoring), the first bout would end at 11:49am after this change, but the "Time in Bout" would still be 18 (as calculated in the current version of ActiLife).  

  • Example 2: The "Date/Time End" for the wear/non-wear periods in ActiLife's Wear Time Validation details (shown after clicking "Details" from the Wear Time Validation tool) would increase by 1.  So, for the first wear bout shown below, the "Date/Time End" would be 6:48pm, the second non-wear bout end would be 3:42pm and the third wear bout end would be 3:45pm, but none of the "Length" values would change.  When you see this, it makes sense.  Right now, for instance for the last wear bout, 3:44:00 (minus) 3:42:00 does not equal 3 minutes.



Outputs that are driven by the Global Date/Time Filters and Log Diaries may be impacted.

  • Global Date/Time Filters - We currently assume that end times are inclusive (e.g., 3:00-4:00 includes the 4:00:00-4:00:59 time period).  We believe most people think that 3:00-4:00 actually means "the 60 minutes between 3p and 4p" but it actually means "the 60 minutes between 3p and 4p plus one minute."  Right now, our plan is to change customers' existing Global Date/Time Filters by adding 1 to the end time where applicable.  If, for example, you have created a Weekend filter that starts at 1:30pm and goes until 4:30pm, after the 6.9 update, that time would change to 4:31pm (because that's really what you're filtering).  We're open to suggestions.  Barbara, you are impacted more than anyone.
  • Log Diaries - We don't have much change control over log diaries. So if your file has been integrated with a log diary that says it was worn from 2:00pm - 3:00pm, then your output values will contain 1 less epoch during processing after 6.9 is released (i.e., before 6.9, the wear time was 2:00:00pm-3:00:59pm; after 6.9, it will be from 2:00:00pm-2:59:59pm; we believe the latter is what users expect).

We are making this change to accommodate some challenges with development of our new Wear Time Validation tool.

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