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Issue with wGT3X-BT (Serial Numbers "MOS") firmware version 1.6.0 (15CPAN02)

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 03:04PM CST


This article provides information, status, and current activities surrounding a Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) set forth by ActiGraph under CAPA number 15CPAN02. 
On February 16, 2016, an issue was discovered in the ActiGraph wGT3X-BT activity monitor firmware.  The impacted activity monitors are wGT3X-BT devices (serial numbers beginning with "MOS") with firmware version 1.6.0.  This help article fully describes the issue, the impact and provides you with ActiGraph's plans to address the problem fully.  ActiGraph has taken the following proactive steps:
  1. Removed the 1.6.0 firmware from our servers to stop automatic updates and mitigate further issues
  2. Identified customers who we believe have been affected by this issue by reviewing our database records for ActiLife license numbers that received the 1.6.0 firmware update via the internet
  3. Directly contacted the owners of those licenses via email, notifying them of our plans to address the issue
You can determine if you are impacted by this issue using either method below.
Method 1: Connect your monitors to a PC running ActiLife and observing the "Serial Number" and "Firmware" columns in ActiLife.  See example below.
Method 2: Locate the *.gt3x file.  (Note: If you cannot identify the file extension, follow the instructions here on the Winzip website for exposing file extensions.  IMPORTANT: ActiGraph is not responsible for the content of this website) Change the file extension from *.gt3x to *.zip and open the file.  Locate the "info.txt" file and open it.  The Firmware version will be listed as shown in the text file below.

Issue Description

ActiGraph wGT3X-BT firmware version 1.6.0, released on Dec. 28, 2015, incorrectly rotates the axes of the accelerometer by 90 degrees about the Z-axis. Acceleration measured along the X-axis will appear as acceleration along the Y-axis, and acceleration measured along the Y-axis will appear along the X-axis. For a reference of the accelerometer orientation, see the wGT3X-BT illustration here.


This problem impacts the raw data recorded by the activity monitor (the *.gt3x file) or any derivative thereof.  Accordingly, any data generated from the raw data file (epoch-level *.agd files, any raw-data exports) are impacted.  When processing *.agd files in ActiLife (e.g., when calculating Wear Time Validation or any Data Scoring outcomes that depend primarily on Y-axis movement), customers are likely to see differences in the data. Please note that while the orientation shift issue is present, there has been no loss of data.  However, if any inferences, calculations or other algorithmic analyses have been made using this data, be aware that those results are likely not accurate.

Next Steps

ActiLife 6.13.2

On 16 March 2016, we released an updated version of ActiLife that addresses this issue. ActiLife 6.13.2 does the following:

  • Exporting .gt3x files created by wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 devices to any format will automatically correct the axis rotation bug.
  • Blocks the use of .agd files created by wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 without the automatic axis rotation.

When you attempt to load .agd files created by wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 without the automatic axis rotation, you will see the following prompt:




You no longer have to use the fixer tool from below. ActiLife 6.13.2 automatically rotates the data in .gt3x files when processing. If you don't update to ActiLife 6.13.2, you will need to continue running all .gt3x files through the fixer tool.


.gt3x File Repair Tool

If you are NOT using ActiLife 6.13.2, we have a batch processing tool that can be used to repair affected *.gt3x files.  Once repaired, these files can then be exported (using any version of ActiLife) into the desired format (*.agd, *.csv, *.dat).  If *.agd files are required for Wear Time Validation or Data Scoring, these repaired files can then be used.  In addition, our hardware engineering team released an updated version of firmware (version 1.7.0) that corrects the orientation issue permanently on March 25, 2016.
To fix any suspected .gt3x file, complete the following steps:
  1. Download the fixer tool:
  2. Once downloaded, double-click on the program to open the program.
  3. Add any suspected files by clicking the "Add Files to Fix" button
  4. Select an output directory where the fixed files will go.
  5. Click "Start Processing of Files" button
  6. Once complete, you can go to the location of the fixed files by clicking on the "Open Containing Folder" button

 A few notes about the fixer tool:

  • If you add .gt3x files that aren't from wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 devices, the fixer tool will copy the files to the output directory but it will not modify them.
  • The fixer tool will not overwrite any files in the output directory. This prevents data loss.
  • The labels to the right of the files names give a description on what was done with the file. They are:
    • Fixed! - this file was from a wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 device and was corrected and copied to the output directory.
    • Copied! - this file was NOT from a wGT3X-BT 1.6.0 device and was copied to the output directory without any modification.
  • Any files that have errors during processing will show a RED 'X' to the left of the file name. Errors are also logged to a file in the same directory that the fixer tool is running .
  • If you see the following error, you need to install .NET 4.0. Visit the following site to download .NET 4.0:

What Else Should You Do?

  • Discard any *.agd files that were created using AL 6.13.1 or older with wGT3X-BT firmware version 1.6.0. Be sure to keep your *.gt3x files.
  • Disregard any results derived from *.agd files created with 1.6.0 firmware in combination with ActiLife 6.13.1 or older.  This includes outcomes calculated within the Wear Time Validation, Data Scoring, Sleep, Batch Sleep, PLM, or Feature Extraction tabs within ActiLife.
  • You can continue collecting your study data. If you are comfortable with the process of converting the data files after data collection, then continue collecting data for already-fielded activity monitors. The proposed fix will allow the data to be repaired after download.
ActiGraph has taken steps to extend the ActiLife license agreement for impacted users in order to ensure that everyone can and does receive the next ActiLife update which fixes this issue.  If you are impacted and did not receive an email directly from us, please contact our support department so that we can help you.  Because many of our customers license numbers are registered to a person other than the end user, there is a chance that you did not receive an email.  
We deeply regret any problems this firmware issue may have caused for you and your research team.  Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with questions or to request assistance.  
Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty.

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