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What is a PIN and why do I need it?

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016 06:01PM CDT

What is the PIN code?

When associating a subject's mobile smartphone or tablet to a subject following an activity monitor assignment, the site coordinator must follow the steps presented in the Mobile Device management page to "Activate a New Mobile Device" as shown in the image below.  One of these steps is the generation of a PIN code and entry of that code into the subject's mobile app.  The PIN code (Personal Identification Number) is a unique code that is temporarily generated for the subject which can be used to confirm that the mobile device that is being connected belongs the correct subject.  When the PIN code is generated, it essentially tells CentrePoint to begin looking for a mobile app connection with that PIN number.  Once that mobile app is connected, bi-directional authentication is given, allowing the mobile app to push and pull data from CentrePoint for that particular subject.


How do I generate a PIN code?

This PIN code is generated by clicking the "Generate PIN" button in the "Activate a New Mobile Device" section following the assignment of an activity monitor to a subject.

How long is the PIN code good for?

The PIN code will expire after 5 minutes.  Clicking "Generate PIN" button will create a new code if this one expires.

What do I do with the PIN once I've generated it?

The PIN code should be entered into the mobile app screen.  After downloading the mobile app (see "Where can I find the CentrePoint mobile apps?"), the first screen visible requires a PIN code as shown below.



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