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What is mobile data capture and why do I need it?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:01PM CST

What is Mobile Data Capture?

CentrePoint site coordinators have the ability to capture actigraphy data from the subject's iPhone or Android mobile handheld smartphones.  After checking the box "Enable mobile data capture" in the Subject assignment page, the site coordinator will be able to connect the subject's mobile device to the study via ActiGraph's CentrePoint app.  To check device compatibility, see Which Mobile Devices are Supported?.

How do I enable the mobile data capture option?

The mobile data capture option must be enabled for your particular study.  Otherwise, the "Enable mobile data capture" option will not be selectable.  Contact your study coordinator for more information.

How does it work?

Mobile data capture leverages the Bluetooth connectivity of ActiGraph activity monitors and the "always available" smartphone data connection to allow subjects to periodically upload their physical activity data to the CentrePoint web portal anytime, without requiring a site visit.  Here's how it works:

  • After completing all the fields in the Subject assignment page, the site coordinator checks "Enable Mobile Data Capture" option is checked.
  • After the subject is assigned, the site coordinator will see an "Setup Mobile" button.
  • A list of instructions will be presented:
    • The site coordinator will download the CentrePoint app to the subject's Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
    • The site coordinator clicks the "Generate PIN" button; a six-digit PIN code will be generated (the PIN expires in 5 minutes)
    • The site coordinator will launch the app on the subjects smartphone or tablet and type in the six-digit PIN to make the connection
    • The site coordinator can refresh the mobile management page to view the newly connected device; a test upload can be performed

The subject then wears the activity monitor as prescribed in the protocol.  Once a day, they should open the app and click the SYNC button.  Doing so will download the physical activity data from the activity monitor to the phone and upload the physical activity data to CentrePoint.  This data will be immediately visible by the site and study coordinators.

Why do I need this?

Capturing data from subjects in the field allows the study coordinator's to immediately identify protocol or compliancy violations as they happen without waiting until the next site visit.  This saves time and money because subjects can be recalled immediately if issues are detected rather than waiting until the next site visit.  Also, the mobile app will soon allow for bi-directional communication with subjects.  This can be helpful when attempting to contact subjects in the field or instruct them on changes that need to be made.

Will this cost me anything?

Transferring data from a smartphone to the CentrePoint system requires bandwidth, similar to downloading a video.  Depending on your mobile plan, using the CentrePoint mobile data capture app could increase your data usage and thus increase the subject's monthly bill.  The subject should be fully informed of this prior to utilizing this feature.

Does this affect the battery life?

Yes.  A typical battery charge can last up to 18 days without Bluetooth enabled.  When utilizing the mobile data capture feature (Bluetooth enabled), battery life is reduced to approximately 7 days.

What is ActiGraph working on next for mobile uploads?

  • Scheduled push notifications
  • Bi-directional communication with the user
  • Patient reported outcomes (PRO) questions to be presented dynamically


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