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How do I use the Android ActiLife App with my Bluetooth LE Device?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:02PM CST

1.png      5.png

This is the home screen of the application.

On each screen there will be a menu icon in the top right corner to give you several options which include redirects to our Application Tour (2.png)and FAQ Help page (3.png). Some screens include extra options in this menu to provide specific functionality.


Tap on the scan icon (4.png)to continue to the next page.


This is the Device Listing page. This lists ActiGraph BT devices that are in range. The information presented in this list is the Serial Number in large text, the type of device in smaller text, and a signal strength icon.


7.pngTap the search icon to search for specific devices by Serial number. You can enter partial or whole serial numbers and the device list will filter to your search results.


8.png Tap the refresh icon to clear the list of all devices and continue searching for new devices.

9.pngApp Tour and the FAQ help options are also available in the menu.



Tap one of the devices in the list to continue to the next screen.

 13.png     17.png

This is the Device Details screen. After successfully connecting to your ActiGraph device, the app will start gathering details from your device which includes information about the device such as the battery percentage and available biometric data.

14.pngTap the flash Led icon in the action bar and this will start flashing the LEDs on the ActiGraph device for 5 seconds so that you know which device you are using.

15.pngApp Tour and the FAQ help options are also available in the menu. The menu also a refresh. Refresh will clear the current data in the details tables and gather new information from the device.

16.pngTap the Initialization icon to continue to the next screen.



This is the initialization screen. This screen allows you to select the collection parameters for your ActiGraph device. As with the ActiLife Desktop application, initializing a device will destroy any data that is on the device, so please use this function with caution. Also note, there are several required parameters for initialization

  • You must have a subject name
  • You must have a start time in the future
  • If you have a stop time, it must be after the start time

Any problems that arise, the fields will be highlighted red.

19.pngOnce you have finished setting your initialization parameters, press the Confirm Initialization icon. This will start the initialization process.

20.pngApp Tour and the FAQ help options are also available in the menu. There are also two options called “Reset Form” and “Clear form”. “Reset form” returns all parameters to what was on the device when it was last initialized. “Clear form” clears all values in all of the tables.

If you need any further assistance, please visit our support portal at From there, you can view many helpful FAQ's and Troubleshooting Articles; log in to check any existing Support Requests; or create a new Support Ticket if you are unable to find a solution. You can also email us at or give us a call at (877) 497-6996, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST.













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