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How do I create my own custom sleep score algorithm using the algorithm builder?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:21PM CST

The Custom Sleep Scoring algorithm builder allows users to create their own custom sleep scoring algorithm based on the techniques used to create the Sadeh and Cole-Kripke algorithms (more information here).  The custom sleep scoring algorithm builder utilize a sliding window technique to flag epochs as "Sleep" or "Wake".  The results will be used to create sleep efficiency scores and other details about sleep.  Read more about the sleep scoring tool in the ActiLife 6 Users Manual.

From the 'Options' menu, navigate to Calculations then 'Sleep Scoring'.  In the Algorithm dropdown box, select "Create New".  In the form that appears, enter in a name for the new custom algorithm.  Then select the number of epochs to use before and after the current epoch (weighting) in determining the "Wake" or "Sleep" status of the current epoch.  In the boxes that appear below the epochs, set a weighting value.  For example, setting a value of 0.25 on epoch-2 will multiply that epoch value by 0.25 and will add it to the other epoch weights and compare to the "Wake Threshold" to determine how epoch-0 will be flagged ("Wake" or "Sleep").  

Use the "Count Parameters" section to set the "Wake Threshold" and "Epoch Length Required" (the epoch length that the algorithm should expect to work with - this will cause ActiLife to reject files with epoch lengths that do not match that value.  The "Set Maximum Value of Count" option limits the epoch value during the multiplication process.  For example, if epoch-2 is happens to be 2024 counts (for instance), the Maximum Value option is set to 300, and the epoch-2 weight is set to 0.25, the resulting weight of that epoch will be 0.25 * 300 = 75.  

The "Sleep/Wake Formula" at the bottom of the algorithm builder automatically updates to show the resulting formula.  Epochs that produce values that are greater-than-or-equal-to the threshold are flagged as "Wake" while epochs that are less-than that threshold are flagged as "Sleep."

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