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How do I export my scored or validated data?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:30PM CST

Two new advanced data exporting options were introduced in ActiLife 6.5.0

Exporting only Valid Wear Time

Following a Wear Time Validation analysis, valid wear time can be exported directly to *.csv format for further analysis outside of ActiLife.  

IMPORTANT: While it is now possible to export wear time, it is advisable to simply work with the *.agd file in ActiLife.  Keep in mind that Wear Time Validation simply flags non-wear epochs in the *.agd file, thus allowing ActiLife itself to perform further analysis which do not require any type of exports.

To export valid wear times, perform a normal Wear Time Validation process by selecting the desired settings.  Click the "Details" button next to the file from which you would like to export the valid wear time as shown below.


Clicking the "Export" button will reveal two options for exporting data from the Wear Time Validation Detail: "Day and Wear Information" and "All Wear Time Epochs"



Exporting Day and Wear Information

Choosing this option will export a *.csv of the Days and Wear/Non-Wear data that appears in the left-hand area of the Wear Time Validation details view.  This includes a summary of Dates, Wear/Non-Wear Minutes, Wear/Non-Wear % and a detailed breakdown of the wear/non-wear time periods for the entire dataset.  Simply choose a save location and a file name to create the export.

Exporting All Wear Time Epochs

Choosing this option will generate an export of all wear time epochs.  This includes, for a 60s epoch file, a minute-by-minute breakdown of all data for valid wear times for the entire dataset.  Simply choose a save location and a file name to create the export.


Exporting Calculated Kcals and MET Rates per Epoch

Following a Data Scoring analysis, users may export calculated Kcals and MET rates.  Click the "Details" button to the right of the file to open the "Data Scoring Details" view as shown below:


Click "Export All Epochs" to generate a *.csv containing the calculated kcals and MET rate for all epochs for that particular dataset.  

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