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How do I exclude my sleep times from Wear Time Validation?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:31PM CST

The Wear Time Validation (WTV) tool excludes non-wear periods from datasets for further analysis.  Non-wear periods are characterized as periods of complete inactivity.  While the non-wear detection algorithm can be customized in the WTV tool, occasionally sleep periods may be inadvertently classified as non-wear periods because of their low level of activity.

ActiLife 6.5.0 introduces the option to exclude sleep times from WTV, in effect flagging all sleep periods as valid wear time.  Begin by flagging the Time-in-Bed and Time-Out-of-Bed (TOB) times for a given dataset from the Sleep Analysis tab.  Here's how:

Graphically Flag Bed Times

To graphically flag TIB and TOB times, left-click on the approximate TIB time (the time the patient went to bed) for any given night.  Use the left-right keyboard buttons to tweak the time on a minute-by-minute basis.  Next, right-click anywhere on the graph and choose "Accept New In Bed Time Here" as shown below.



Repeat this process for the TOB.  Right-click and choose "Accept Out Of Bed Time" once the desired time is selected as shown below.  


This will create and score the time period for sleep efficiency and will store those times in the *.agd file.  Repeat this process for all bed times until all of the TIB/TOBs have been recorded.

Typing in Bed Times

Bed times can also be keyed in by simply clicking "Add Sleep Period" to the right of the Sleep Analysis tab.  Select the In Bed Date and Time and Out Bed Date and Time.  Click "Accept" to lock in the sleep period.  Repeat this process until all sleep times are entered.  A screenshot of the manual bed time entry tool is shown below.


Automatically Estimating Bed Times

To quickly estimate bed times, simply click the "Auto Score" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Sleep Analysis tool.  This will delete all of the files existing TIB/TOBs and will perform an algorithm to estimate the bed times.  These times can be tweaked by clicking the "edit..." link to the right of each bed time if desired.  NOTE: The Auto Score feature is only available for ActiSleep and ActiSleep+ devices.  This feature can be turned on remotely for GT3X, GT3X+ and wGT3X+ devices for a small fee.  Contact for more information.

Deleting Bed Times

Bed times can be deleted individually or all at once.  To delete individual bed times, simply select the desired sleep period by clicking on the pink area in the graph or by selecting the sleep period from the list.  Click the "Remove Period" button below the bed time list on the right.  Alternatively, simply right-click on the sleep period on the graph and choose "Delete Current Sleep Period".  To delete all bed times, right-click on a graph away from a sleep period and choose "Delete All Sleep Periods In This Day" or "Delete All Sleep Periods For The Dataset" as shown below.



Excluding Sleep from Wear Time Validation

To exclude sleep times from WTV, simply load the *.agd file that contains predetermined sleep times into the WTV tool by dragging and dropping onto the WTV tool or by selecting the file through the "Add Dataset(s)" button in the WTV tab.  Check the "Mark Sleep Periods as Wear Time" and run the WTV tool as normal.  Sleep times will be flagged as valid wear time regardless of their activity levels.


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