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Wear Time Validation Preview Graphs

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 04:32PM CST

ActiLife 6.9 introduced Preview Graphs in the Wear Time Validation (WTV) tool.  These preview graphs provide a visual reference of wear/non-wear times within a file as detected by either the Wear Time Validation algorithm or the new capacitive wear sensor on the wGT3X-BT.  The preview graphs can be displayed automatically following a WTV calculation by checking the "Show Preview Graphs" option to the right of the Calculate button.  Alternatively, the graphs can be loaded individually for each file in the WTV tool grid by clicking the "Details" button in the file row following a WTV calculation.  An example preview graph is shown below.

Previewing and Editing Wear/Non-wear for Files without Wear Sensor Data


File List

The file list appears whenever the "Show Preview Graphs" option is checked when calculating WTV.  The file list is not shown when loading individual preview graphs (clicking "Details" from the file row).  Details about each file are included in each column including the subject name, length of the file, the total non-wear time in the file, the total wear-sensor non-wear time (discussed below), the total number of conflicts (discussed below) and the total (resultant) wear time.


The scrubber allows for quick zooming to a specific location in the file and provides context for the zoomed preview graph.  Use the grab handles to zoom into a specific part of the file or use the mouse scroll wheel over the zoomed preview graph.

Zoomed Preview Graph

The zoomed preview graph is actually two graphs.  The top graph shows details of the zoomed area and whether that zoomed area contains wear or non-wear data.  The bottom graph (magenta) shows the result of the wear validation algorithm (Choi, Troiano or ActiGraph); non-wear periods (as determined by the algorithm) are indicated in magenta.  The blue color in the top graph indicates non-wear periods (periods that will be excluded from analysis in Data Scoring).  The magenta and blue areas will mirror their behavior unless the resultant (blue) is overridden by taking action from the "All Periods" list.  For example, a period that was detected as non-wear by the Troiano algorithm may be marked (overridden) as a wear period using the "Set as Non-Wear" option in the "All Periods" list.

All Periods list

The "All Periods" list at the bottom of the wear preview lists all of the wear and non-wear periods as detected by the chosen WTV algorithm.  Each period can be examined more carefully by clicking anywhere on the row of interest.  Doing so will cause the zoomed preview graph to zoom into the period.  The period result (wear or non-wear) can be overridden by clicking the appropriate link to the right of the row.

The "Open current file in Advanced Details" option will open the wear/non-wear dialogue list found in earlier versions of ActiLife (pre 6.9) for the selected file.


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