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How to manually upgrade or downgrade your device's firmware

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 10:13AM CST


Upgrading or downgrading your device's firmware will delete all data and biometric information on the device and is not recoverable. Please take caution when following these instructions. If you wish to continue with this instruction, please make sure you have downloaded the data from your device first before continuing.


Reasons for Upgrading or Downgrading your device's firmware

  • A new firmware release will provide fixes or new features for your device.
  • The current version of your firmware may have an issue or doesn't perform correctly and a downgrade to a previous version of the firmware will provide adequate functionality until a fix is created.
    • Downgrading firmware should not be performed normally and should only be done at the request of an ActiGraph customer service representative. 

Heads up on Automatic Firmware Upgrades

ActiLife will automatically check and upgrade your device's firmware upon initialization. Please note it will not downgrade your firmware, that has to be done manually.

How to install firmware on your device (Upgrading/Downgrading)

  • Open ActiLife and have your device(s) you want to install the firmware to attached to your computer.
  • You should have one or more devices in ActiLife appearing:
    • 2014-07-10_14_33_33-ActiLife_is_being_detected_as_a_virus__Updated_10_25_2013___17_45_UTC__-_RESOLVE.png
  • Make sure the check boxes next to each device you want to install firmware on is checked.
  • Click the Advanced button and click "Update Firmware"
    • 2014-07-10_14_35_31-ActiLife_v6.11.1_-_1_Device_Connected.png
  • You will receive a prompt about the firmware upgrade process. Be sure to read and get an understanding about what will happen to your device.
  • Click "Choose Firmware and Erase Device" when ready.
  • A new window will appear, requesting you to find a file to use for the firmware upgrade process.
  • There will be a file already present called "firmware-<date>.afw". This is a firmware package file that has various firmware files for various devices that work with ActiLife. The date in the filename will reflect the last time the file received new firmware. You can select this file or navigate to a file that you downloaded elsewhere to install to your device.
    • 2014-07-10_14_39_53-Select_a_File.png
  • Upon selecting the file, your device will begin getting the update from the file.
    • The install process does vary from device to device, but generally takes a few seconds to a minute to complete.
    • 2014-07-10_14_41_25-ActiLife_v6.11.1_-_1_Device_Connected.png
    • 2014-07-10_14_41_49-ActiLife_is_being_detected_as_a_virus__Updated_10_25_2013___17_45_UTC__-_RESOLVE.png
  • Once the process is complete, the device will leave the grid momentarily and will reappear to look something like this
    • 2014-07-10_14_42_47-ActiLife_v6.11.1_-_1_Device_Connected.png
  • Depending if you upgraded or downgraded the firmware, the Firmware column for your device may have changed. Be sure to take note of the firmware version before and after the update.
  • Before you can use your device again, be sure to initialize the device!

This completes the process of upgrading or downgrading your device's firmware.

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