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How do I disable automatic firmware updates on initialization in ActiLife?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 01:55PM CST

By default, new device firmware updates are forced whenever an activity monitor is initialized in ActiLife.  This setting can be seen in the Tools->Options menu as shown below:


Notice: ActiGraph highly recommends that this setting remain enabled by default.  By disabling firmware updates, you will not receive regularly released patches which could greatly improve battery life performance and/or address outstanding bugs.  

To disable firmware updates:

- Close ActiLife.
- Navigate to %localappdata%\ActiGraph in Windows Explorer.explorer_2016-03-29_10-22-18.png

- Navigate to the ActiLife.exe directory (if there are multiple ActiLife directories, navigate to the one that was modified most recently).

- Navigate to the latest version of ActiLife that you are using.

- Make a copy of "user.config".
explorer_2016-03-29_10-24-57.png- --

- Open the original "user.config" using Notepad and add the following setting:

<setting name="UpdateFirmwareOnInit" serializeAs="String">


- Save the "user.config" file with changes.
- Reopen ActiLife.
- Verify Firmware Updates are turned off in the Options dialog.


Note: Admin rights may be required to make this change.

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