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The Devices Tab

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 10:38AM CST

We will begin with the very first thing you see when you open ActiLife; the Devices Tab. This is where you will perform all interactions with your Devices; Initialization, Downloading, Firmware Updates, etc. You will notice that there are a number of columns that provide information about the device itself; the Serial Number, the Battery Level, Sample Rate of the data being collected, etc. There are also several buttons along the top of the Grid that allow you to perform actions on the devices that are connected.

  • The Initialize button is used to prepare the device for data collection.
  • The Download button is how you retrieve the data from the device and get it onto your computer for analysis.
  • The Refresh and Refresh All buttons allow you to reload the device grid to make sure all of the devices are visible and reporting the correct information. it's the same idea as refreshing a webpage; you are just reloading information that is being reported by the connected devices to ActiLife. Refresh only refreshes selected devices; Refresh All refreshes the entire device grid.
  • The Identify button allows you to cause a device's LED to flash so that you know which device you are about to manipulate. This is useful when you have multiple devices connected but perhaps only wish to download or initialize a single device. Using the Identify function will help you make sure you are performing whatever actions you want to on the correct device.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will not go into detail explanations of the Wireless Functionality. That will be covered in another tutorial that will be posted at a later time.


Next, we will go over the Wear Time Validation Tab. Click here.

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