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The Scoring Tab

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018 09:16AM CDT

Once you have validated your data, the next step is to actually analyze it. ActiLife's Data Scoring tool has the ability to analyze a dataset for all of the primary criteria relevant to actigraphy; Energy Expenditure, METs, Cut Points, Bouts, Heart Rate, and Sedentary Analysis.

Along the left side of the Data Scoring Tab, you will see the various criteria you can use. You can select different algorithms from the pull down menus and in the case of Cut Points, Bouts, and Sedentary Analysis, even create your own. You can also add Data/Time filters that will allow you to specify that only certain days or time periods be included in the analysis.

The buttons along the top of the window will allow you to add/remove datasets and to customize which columns are displayed. The number of currently loaded datasets is also displayed in this area. The buttons along the bottom allow you to perform the analysis and to export the results out to either a CSV or Microsoft's Excel XLSX file format.



Once the data has been scored, you can click on the details button (next to the dataset filename) to see a breakdown of the data down to the Epoch level. If the data was scored for Sedentary Analysis and/or bouts, you will also be able to see a breakdown of those as well.



To add your own custom Cut Point sets, simply click on the edit button next to Cut Points to open the Cut Point Editor. You cannot edit the existing Cut Points but you can add a new one based on an existing one and then adjust it to suit your requirements.



You would do the same thing to create your own Bout definitions.



You can also adjust the options for Sedentary Analysis.



For many users, this is as far as they might go in analyzing their data. However, there are several other analysis tools in ActiLife for users with other requirements such as Sleep Analysis and PLM. For an explanation of the Sleep Analysis Tab, click here.

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