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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 10:39AM CST

The next tab we will explore is the Sleep Analysis Tab. Unlike the WTV and Data Scoring Tabs, you can only use this tool with one dataset at a time. This is due to how this data is displayed using graphs as opposed to rows and columns of data. There is simply no practical way to display all of this information for multiple files on the same screen.


There are a number of functions here to make note of: the Select Dataset button allows you to load your data into the Sleep Analysis tool. You also have the option of select either a 24 or 48 hour scale for the graph. The AutoScore feature will attempt to automatically detect Sleep Periods. You can also switch between the Cole-Kripke and Sadeh sleep algorithms. More information on these algorithms can be found here. Using ActiSleep/ActiSleep+ devices also allows the ability to create custom sleep algorithms.

Once you have either Auto-scored your sleep periods or manually entered them, you will have the option to export the scored data as a PDF or as a CSV file. Please note below that after I have entered my sleep times, there is information about those sleep time listed in the lower right pane of the Sleep Analysis tool.



You can also switch the view to the ActoGram View which is helpful identifying sleep patterns over several days or weeks.



Whichever view you use, you can see more detailed information about the scored sleep periods by clicking on the "Show Sleep Epochs" button. You can also export using the Save Sleep Report button.

Please note; the Auto Sleep Score, Custom Sleep Algorithm, ActoGram View, and Clinical Reports functions in ActiLife are only available for our ActiSleep/ActiSleep+ devices. However, these features can be enabled for other devices for a small fee. Please contact our Sales team at for more information.

Next we will go over the Periodic Limb Movement (or PLM) Analysis tool. Please click here.

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