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Firmware Versions (Current)

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017 02:25PM CST

Please refer to the following table for a listing of our devices and their currently available firmware:

Model Name Serial Number
Begins With
Current Firmware
Release Date Download Location
GT1M LYN 7.5.0 06/01/2011 Click Here
ActiTrainer *NOT SUPPORTED ------- ------- ------- -------
GT3X MAT 4.4.0 06/01/2011 Click Here
ActiSleep MID 3.4.2 04/04/2011 Click Here
ActiGo *NOT SUPPORTED ------- ------- ------- -------
GT3X+ (old rev) + NEO 3.2.1 05/21/2013 Click Here
GT3X+ (new rev) ** CLE1 2.5.0 04/25/2016 Click Here
ActiSleep+ (old rev) + MRA1 3.2.1 05/22/2013 Click Here
ActiSleep+ (new rev) ** MRA2 2.5.0 04/25/2013 Click Here
wGT3X+ ** CLE2 2.5.0 04/25/2016 Click Here
wActiSleep+ ** MRA3 2.5.0 04/25/2016 Click Here
wGT3X-BT *** MOS2 1.9.2 03/15/2017 Click Here
wActiSleep-BT *** MOS4 1.9.2 03/15/2017 Click Here
Link (GT9X) **** TAS1 1.7.1 11/15/2017 Click Here

+ NEO and MRA1 devices with firmware version 2.5 or lower will work with ActiLife 5.x and earlier. If you are using ActiLife 6.x. with these devices, the firmware will be automatically updated to the latest revision and will no longer be compatible with ActiLife 5.x. Firmware CANNOT be downgraded from 3.x to 2.x.

** These are not compatible with ActiLife 5.x. ActiLife 6.0.0 or greater is required for these devices.

*** This device requires ActiLife 6.8.1 or higher

**** The GT9X Link requires ActiLife 6.11.5 or higher

The firmware on our devices is automatically updated to the latest revision upon initialization. If you are unable to initialize a device or if you need to reflash the firmware to correct an issue, please refer to the following FAQ article for the procedure to manually flash the device's firmware:

Manually Updating Device Firmware

If you would like to disable automatic firmware updates (not recommended), please refer to the following FAQ article:

How do I disable firmware updates on initialization in ActiLife?

If you need any further assistance, please go to our support portal at From there, you can view many helpful FAQ's and Troubleshooting Articles; log in to check any existing Support Requests; or create a new Support Ticket if you are unable to find a solution. You can also email us at or give us a call at (877) 497-6996, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST.

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